What’s Copyright?

Copyright is about the balance between sharing a published work and using it in the right way.

Copyright applies automatically when something is published. In Malaysia, you do not need to register it as a trademark or patent.

Copyright is a form of intellectual property. This gives the person creating the work the exclusive right to copy, publish, transmit and adapt their material.

Law of Malaysia

The basic premise of copyright law is that the creator of a work has the right to decide how their work will be used. Generally, creators are free to choose whether they keep, commercialize or give permission to others to use one or more of their copyrights.

Malaysian copyright law has many similarities with other countries.


Schools, Institutions of Higher Learning make many reproductions or photocopies that are widely distributed to students. And many more articles are shared on many platforms including corporate bodies done without consent.

MARC enables teachers and academics to make and distribute copies legally, efficiently and cost effectively while at the same time ensuring creators and publishers receive fair payment for this use of their work.

MARC plays an important role in making creative rights a valuable asset for copyright holders while enabling users to easily gain access to the content they need.

Royalty Distribution

The revenue we collect from licensing, after deducting all operating costs, will be given to the Rightsholder of the work.

Each year we ask licensees to provide data collection information. The data is important because it allows us to distribute the money collected from the licensee to the creator / copyright owner of the work.

It is a condition in our licensing agreement that the licensee participates in the data collection process.