Malaysia Reprographic Rights Centre or MARC represents publishers, authors, and visual artists in Malaysia.

MARC was established as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 25 May 2021 and registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia – SSM.

An independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, which aims to eliminate the unauthorized use of copyrighted works by its members and affiliates.

MARC plays a key role in making creative rights as valuable assets for Malaysians, be they rightsholders like (creators or publishers) or users such as educators and students.

Mission Statement

To assert and enforce all the copyright and neighbouring rights based on derived from their works; including to carry out the general duties of negotiating and granting copyright and neighbouring rights licenses; including to identify, harness, enhance, support and enforce rights promoting or relating to the print medium or other similar processes, factors, or conditions facilitating or resulting in the making of the written word, graphic works, visual art works and the like.


Administer as collective management organisation and as an exclusive intermediary, for all copyright works which are subject to copying by communication, photocopying, database storage and retrieval and any other forms of reprography (including manual, digital and electronic printing and photocopying), non-dramatic performance, dramatic performance made or produced by members of the Company, including royalties, fees, remunerations and compensations on such negotiations and licenses on behalf of authors, creators, publishers and rightsholders and distributes these to them.

Why use MARC services?

MARC will;
1) Monitor where and what works are used.

2) Negotiate tariffs and other conditions with consumers.

3) Licensing the use of protected works on behalf of its members and other rights holders it represents.

4) Collect fees from users and distribute them to rights holders.

Objectives of Establishment

1) Assisting everyone who makes photocopies and shares whatever information from books, journals and illustrations is done legally
2) A collective management organization that collects and distributes royalties to rights holders.
3) Protect the published works, writings and illustrations of MARC members.
4) In addition, MARC can also take legal action to uphold the rights of members.
5) MARC will only manage from the “secondary market” sector which does not involve the main agreement between the publisher and the author.

What is Collective Management?

Collective management is a way to provide a legal and efficient method for people to access and reproduce creative and scholarly content while preserving the rights of creators and publishers to benefit from their work, skill and investment.

Collective management is a way of organising the SECONDARY MARKET for text and image works on a broad basis without the need to manage permissions or payments individually.

In copyright ecosystem, there are Primary market, Secondary market, and Exceptions – The secondary market includes what MARC do. It is best able to respond to local conditions – user needs, copying practices, domestic laws – as well as deal with technological changes (opportunities as well as threats) – while at the same time delivering benefits to all stakeholders in the value chain. The secondary market complements the primary market, but it is never meant to supplant it.

Benefit of Collective Management

1)  FOR RIGHTSHOLDER (Authors, Publishers & Creators) – Can focus on creative activities, Financial benefit for the use of the work, Increased used of their works.
2) FOR USERS (Schools, Universities, Colleges & Corporates) – Easy legal access, Copyright compliance, Negotiated terms and conditions.
3) FOR LEGISLATORS (Government & Policy Makers) – Implementation of legislation, Compliance with International norms.
4) SOCIETY (All of us) – Economic well-being, Employment.

Support and Consultation

MARC was established in collaboration with;

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

IFFRO – International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organization

WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization (Switzerland) – An agency under the United Nations.