‘Mission Copyright: Educational Comic on Copyright!’

Exciting news! Malaysia Reprographic Rights Centre (MARC) has joined forces with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) for a unique educational initiative. Presenting ‘Mission Copyright: Educational Comic on Copyright!’ featuring ‘Hang Cipta’ and ‘Hang Kanchil’ as the initial startup character.

This creative collaboration with comic artis Nazry Salam aims to spread awareness about copyright particularly in area of copyright reprographic activities while instilling noble values and fostering creativity for #respectingcopyright.

Education is key, and what better way to engage and educate than through comics? In today’s digital age, protecting and respecting copyright is more important than ever. The printed comic will be distributed widely throughout the school in Malaysia with the aim of raising #respectingcopyright awareness among young schoolers.

Let’s work together to preserve the ecosystem of creative innovation. Join us in promoting #MyIPO #MARC #WIPO #IFRRO #BuildingrespectforCopyright #CopyrightAwarenessComic, #RespectCreativity, and #ReprographicCopyright.